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Yes this is another community about gaming...
However, unlike many gaming communities, this one encompasses any game

Discuss video games, board games, card games, role playing games,

Do you have special rituals when it comes to beating someone at Chess?
Are you stuck in a video game?
Are you proud of your accomplishments in how far you've gotten?
What's your favorite game and why?
Do you have a special strategy to share in winning Monopoly?
Did you finally beat Super Mario Brothers after years and years of

Let us know!

No matter what games you play or why you play them, you'll find people
with like interests here.
Come join up and start talking it up!!

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Upon being accepted into the community, we ask that your first update include this simple survey.
This way, the members will have the opportunity to get to know you. Thank you.

Favorite Video Game:
Favorite Board Game:
Favorite Card Game:
Any Other Information You'd Like Us To Know?
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