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Cursed Mountain (Wii) Review

As many of you know, my favorite genre of games is horror.  They are the games that I just can't wait to play.  I buy them whenever I have the money and as quickly as possible.  Of course, this sometimes causes me problems, as I do buy a dud or two on occasion.  Then there's the times that I buy a game and am happy I did, but at the same time regret buying it.

Don't get me wrong; Cursed Mountain is a good game, but just not worth it at the $49.95 price point that it is selling at right now.  But let's get to the review, shall we?

This is a monastary, roughly about halfway up Chomolonzo.  Despite being a holy place, it, too, is not safe.

Story = 3/5

The story is about Eric Simmons, a legendary mountain climber on a quest to save his younger brother Frank, also an experienced climber,  who has vanished while climbing the foreboding mountain, Chomolonzo.  But things go bad the second Eric steps into Lhando, a small city at the mountain's base.  People have vanished and there are bodies strewn about.  Then the Ghosts come.  The story itself is the standard "fool breaks traditions, causes curse" kind of thing.  The nbarrative is actually told through storyboard-like cutscenes that, while nicely done, do take away a bit of the impact of the story, which doesn't really do anything new in the horror department.  As Eric climbs higher and higher, it comes appherant that things get worse the higher he goes, but the story doesn't really get any better.  There are a few twists, but you can really see them coming a mile a way.  But the biggest letdown is the ending.  Sfetr getting all that way, you are treated to a VERY depressing ending that makes you think, "Was it all worth it?"

When a ghost is weak enough, a Compassion Ritual can be used to send the ghost away and regain health, but is it really worth the hassle?

Gameplay = 3/5

The controls work wlle enough for running around and exploring and attacking ghosts manually.  The problems come in when you try using your weapons spiritual attack.  You see, you are 'suposed' to use the spiritual attack to weaken a ghost enough the do a "Compassion Ritual" to send them to Heaven and gain some health back.  Aiming the Wiimote can be a pain sometimes, because you ususally play the game in a relaxed position, bot pointing the Wiimote at the screen, so when you have to use the spiritual attack, you have to waggle the Wiimote around to get it to appear on screen so that you can shoot.  Then if you can weaken them enough, you can perform the ritual, by doing geastures with the Wiimote and Nunchuck indicated on screen.  The problem there is that a good portion of the time, the geastures don't register at all, forcing to basically flail around until either the game okays it or time runs out and you have to weaken the ghost again, which THANKFULLY, doesn't take that long the second, third and forth times around.  But at other points of the game where the geastures have to be used, they work very well, so only combat is the pornem.  The thing is, aside ffrom the flying enemies, it's just easier to use the standard melee attack to destroy the ghost, as it has a decent range and good damage.  A decent player could get though most of the game without using the Spiritual Attack.  Of course, for a good portion of the game, the only way to heal is through a ritual, as the small shinres that you can use an incense stcik at to heal are scatter around far apart, makig running back to them tdious in some parts when you have no choice but to take damage, such as the 'cold' areas, where the wind can really hurt you. 

Lhando was once a busting city, but the curse has drove the licing out from their home...

Graphics = 4/5

While not the best graphics for this generation, this game does push the Wii's abilities far and do quite well.  There are some scenes that just make you step back and take it in the full scale of the game.  The cutscens coulkd have ben told better, but I think the storyboard animated scenes were a cheap way of doing it.  A few graphical glitches here and there also do pip up from time to time, but nothing substantial.

From the city streets of Lhando to Chomolonzo base camp, the sound is eerie and forboding.

Sound = 5/5

The one perfection of this game is the sound.  From the enmpty city of Lhando, all the way to the peak of Chomolonzo, the sound is just perfect.  While there is no real music, except for certain parts, the sound of the howling wind and the atmosphere are spot on.  You could be completel alome, but the sound will amek you feel like there is something there, wiating for you.  Definatly a game worthy of a good surround sound system or headphones.  I also like how the game used the Wiimote's speaker for the sounds of ghosts' howls when they get too close to you, or as the walkie talkie during certain segments, where a character guides you around.  The sounds of this game should be a lesson for all gamer maker to learn how to do sound RIGHT!

There are bosses in this game, but you have to solve a puzzle in order to beat them, intead of just shooting or attacking away...

Overall = 15/20

While I did like this game, I feel that this game should have underwent more testing and tweaking befire release, and the story should have been written a bit better.  As it stands, I feel this isn't woth the full new price right now.  Maybe at a used or lower price or around $30 or so, but not at $49.95.  The game did a few things right, but the rest it only did well enough to get released.  this game can be a real hit ore miss for horror fans.  I would reccomend a rental first, and if you like it, then get it.  Hopefully Quicksilver will learn from this when they make their next game.