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drowningmermaid in gamealls

a fanatical rant about love and hate

In the nintendo_ds community, a member was asking other members if the purchase of the new-ish DSi was a good financial decision since they're "poor" and they'd seen several complaint posts (one of which was mine, since my DSi has a bad wire which causes it to shut off randomly). I sort of went off on a little rant without meaning to and figured I'd repost it here.

I'm poor too but I considered the upgrade a good purchase. I didn't trade my DS Lite in to GameStop for the $70.00 (same price they resell used DS systems for, by the way) credit they were offering toward the purchase of the DSi either, so I ended up paying the full price. I gave my DS Lite to my kid so she can play Strawberry Shortcake games and so we can occasionally do the pictochat together since she loves that shit. HA.

That was sorta offtopic. Sorry.


The things I dislike about the DSi are mostly the look/location and are my personal preferences. I don't like the location or type of volume button and preferred the old slider but I DO like the new power button since it's only accessible if your game is open so you don't accidentally turn it off absentmindedly during play like I occasionally did with my DS Lite. I dislike the speakers (I have a hard time hearing) but since it has a headphone slot, it's easily remedied. I don't like the matte finish of the shell but that's because mine has some strange stain on it from what looks like a newspaper print stained finger (grrrr) and because IMO ... shiny is just... better.


I LOVE the camera function - and not so much the fact that I can simply take pictures, since the camera isn't that great unless you're fairly close up but I like that I can take pictures and then edit them and play with them. That grafitti function brings the lulz when I give my husband troll ears and can write on the pics with the stylus and then upload them to my facebook account through WiFi (that's a new feature I just discovered recently). I don't really use the sound features but that's more because I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it and wasn't all that impressed with my abilities with it, though the commercial I saw for it was awesome. I just don't have the skillz. The downloadable content is my favorite part. If you can access the wireless internet, you can go online with it (mine's pretty slow, but it works) and download games for as little as 2.00 a download and they're FUN. So for the same price as one single game (roughly 20 bucks) you can buy a DSi points card and use those points (2000 for 20 bucks) and get multiple smaller games. I've got WarioWare Snapped (which I hate, actually), Paper Airplane (one of my faves), MiniMarios vs DonkeyKong (which I love love love), Mixed Messages (which is a sort of pictionary game with obscure phrases so I don't like it), a generic guitar hero that uses the stylus instead of the frets (it's cool though the music quality isn't as good as the original) and I recently downloaded the Flipnote Studio which I suck at (it's a mini animation studio, basically) but my husband loves to play with.

So the DSi it worth it? I think so. If something goes wrong in the first year, you can send it back to Nintendo and they'll pay for shipping there and back as well as credit you back for your downloads if you lose them.

It's good stuff.


I was actually thinking of getting one, since I still have my old GBA SP and play it when the battery in my DSi is dead. I don't wanna trade mine in, because I was gonna give it to Mom because her old DS is dying. Of course, she would have to put up with Darth Vader and The Emperor looking at her because I put those stickers of them on it, ha ha ha.