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GhostBusters: The Video Game A Review

Anyone that has liced through the 80s knows who the Ghostbusters are. The Ghostbuster's theme song was pounded into your ehad from 1984 to 1989.The phrase "Who ya gonna call?" became a house hold phrase. And everyone knew that crossing the streams is bad. 25 years after the original movie's release, comes Ghostbusters: the Video Game. Like any game based on a movie, its success can go one of two ways, it can recieve massive success, or it will be considered a bomb.

This game has a little more riding on it then most of the movie based games on the market. It has 25 year old cult following with a lot of expectations to live up to, and it has to reach out to a new generation in order to maximize success. Beyond the cut, I will break down the game into several parts story, gameplay, sounds, graphics, and multiplayer. I will then provide an over all impression of the game, ranking each aspect on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being absolute crap and 10 being awesome.

The actors the played the original Ghostbusters have returned to take up their roles once more.

Story: 10/10

The game was written by Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, the writers of the movies. This is very evident as you play through the game. The humor from the movies is very apparent, and made me literally laugh out loud several times while playing through the game. Detail was alos a priority to the writers. Every detail that is presented to the player has an explination at some point in the game. You face ghosts from the movies, but it is not just, here is a ghost from the movie, fight it! Each of the major ghost encounters are well thought out, and explained.

Yes, even Stay Puff has an explained return.

Another aspect of the story that is awesome, is the return of the original cast. The Ghostbusters and their secretary are played by the same actors that played them in the movie. Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis did not return, however, Dana Barret and Louis Tully are not voiced by new actors, instead they have been removed from the game. That was an acceptable choice.

The feel of being a Ghostbuster has been captured through gameplay.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay truely captures what it feels like to be a ghostbuster. The controls just feel right. You have to weaken the ghosts before you can rangle them, and then you have to rangle them to weaken them even more so that you can trap them. You also have more tools than just the proton stream. Each tool has a unique purpose and use. There are also various ghosts that present unique challenges. The player has the ability to revive teammates when the fall, and it is suggested, as those teammates will be there to revive your character should he have the need.

The right tools are needed for the right job.

On the the reason that gameplay is not a perfect 10. Three difficulty levels are provided: Casual, Expreienced, and Professional. Casual is easy, and is intended for the player to experience the story. Expreienced offers a challenge. The enemies are take more to bring down. Reviving a teammate becaomes essential. Professional provides even harder to kill enemies and it becomes near impossible to revive teammates that have fallen, in fact, there are points in professional where it is recommended that you ignore a fallen teammate, because reviving them will result in you being taken out as well. The Ghostbusters' AI is mediocre. The generally don't move out the way of enemy fire, and tend to run into crowds of enemies. This is especially bad when playing the professional diffculty where many enemies have one hit one kill attacks.

Just like Stay Puff, all the bosses of the game are extra large.

Sound: 10/10

The voice acting is top notch. The characters come to life and sound just as they did in the movies. The sounds presendt definately add to the feeling that you are in the game. Everything from the proton streams to teh sound of Ecto 1's motor. Even the sounds of objects as they fall or fly from their shelves sound the way they should. Even the sounds the ghosts make are perfect.

The Sedwich Hotel, one of the first levels that is experienced.

Graphics: 8/10 (based on Standard Def Tv)

The gameplay graphics are great. Everything looks as they should. There are several moments when the characters look extremely fake during cutscenes. Their eyes don't line up un their sockets just right, or their skin looks more like rubber. There is even on in particular in which the background looks like a bad green screen shot. Had the graphics been like that through the whole game, then the game would have been horrible.

Peter and Egon battling something big in a cut scene.

Multiplayer: 10/10

Never before have I played a multiplayer game that focuses so much on teamwork. With upto four players per match, each player must work with each other in order to win the match. There is also a large selection of multiplayer match types. Each type is unique, and offers its own set of challengs, that must be over come by the four people playing. Multiplayer also give the player a chance to play as their favorite Ghostbuster, and use your favorite tools from the game. Each level within each match, also adds its own set of challenges that players must face. And through it all player are rewarded for working as a team.

Facing Stay Puff is not as hard when you have four friends helping.

Overall: 9/10

Ghostbusters: the Video Game, has an extremely short single player expereince, lasting about five hours. But, for me and for any fan of the movies, the game has a lot of replay value. it has some short comings, but they are not enough to keep it from being a great game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Ghostbusters.

Scores recap - Story: 10/10, Gameplay: 8/10, Sound: 10/10, Graphics: 8/10, Multiplayer: 10/10, Overall: 9/10

I leave you with a multplayer gameplay footage video. enjoy.


^That is a great review! I really wanna get this game... as soon as I get the money...
This is a review of the PS3/Xbox360 version. The Wii/PS2 verison is different. Just a word of warning.