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Sep. 27th, 2009



Cursed Mountain (Wii) Review

As many of you know, my favorite genre of games is horror.  They are the games that I just can't wait to play.  I buy them whenever I have the money and as quickly as possible.  Of course, this sometimes causes me problems, as I do buy a dud or two on occasion.  Then there's the times that I buy a game and am happy I did, but at the same time regret buying it.

Don't get me wrong; Cursed Mountain is a good game, but just not worth it at the $49.95 price point that it is selling at right now.  But let's get to the review, shall we?

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Sep. 22nd, 2009

Mario 1UPn Peach


Batman: Arkham Asylum Reviewed

The Joker has taken over Arkham. It's up to Batman to take it back.

You take on the role of Batman and stalk, glide, and pound your way through the Joker's thugs. This night has a lot instore for you. You uncountable thugs to take down. You will also face insane inamates that have been set free, but the real fun is in some of the more violent inmates.

I'll break Arkham Asylum into several portions and giev each sectiona score from one to ten. One will indicate utter crap, and ten will indicate magnificence.

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Sep. 16th, 2009



a fanatical rant about love and hate

In the nintendo_ds community, a member was asking other members if the purchase of the new-ish DSi was a good financial decision since they're "poor" and they'd seen several complaint posts (one of which was mine, since my DSi has a bad wire which causes it to shut off randomly). I sort of went off on a little rant without meaning to and figured I'd repost it here.

I'm poor too but I considered the upgrade a good purchase. I didn't trade my DS Lite in to GameStop for the $70.00 (same price they resell used DS systems for, by the way) credit they were offering toward the purchase of the DSi either, so I ended up paying the full price. I gave my DS Lite to my kid so she can play Strawberry Shortcake games and so we can occasionally do the pictochat together since she loves that shit. HA.

That was sorta offtopic. Sorry.


The things I dislike about the DSi are mostly the look/location and are my personal preferences. I don't like the location or type of volume button and preferred the old slider but I DO like the new power button since it's only accessible if your game is open so you don't accidentally turn it off absentmindedly during play like I occasionally did with my DS Lite. I dislike the speakers (I have a hard time hearing) but since it has a headphone slot, it's easily remedied. I don't like the matte finish of the shell but that's because mine has some strange stain on it from what looks like a newspaper print stained finger (grrrr) and because IMO ... shiny is just... better.


I LOVE the camera function - and not so much the fact that I can simply take pictures, since the camera isn't that great unless you're fairly close up but I like that I can take pictures and then edit them and play with them. That grafitti function brings the lulz when I give my husband troll ears and can write on the pics with the stylus and then upload them to my facebook account through WiFi (that's a new feature I just discovered recently). I don't really use the sound features but that's more because I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it and wasn't all that impressed with my abilities with it, though the commercial I saw for it was awesome. I just don't have the skillz. The downloadable content is my favorite part. If you can access the wireless internet, you can go online with it (mine's pretty slow, but it works) and download games for as little as 2.00 a download and they're FUN. So for the same price as one single game (roughly 20 bucks) you can buy a DSi points card and use those points (2000 for 20 bucks) and get multiple smaller games. I've got WarioWare Snapped (which I hate, actually), Paper Airplane (one of my faves), MiniMarios vs DonkeyKong (which I love love love), Mixed Messages (which is a sort of pictionary game with obscure phrases so I don't like it), a generic guitar hero that uses the stylus instead of the frets (it's cool though the music quality isn't as good as the original) and I recently downloaded the Flipnote Studio which I suck at (it's a mini animation studio, basically) but my husband loves to play with.

So the DSi it worth it? I think so. If something goes wrong in the first year, you can send it back to Nintendo and they'll pay for shipping there and back as well as credit you back for your downloads if you lose them.

It's good stuff.

Sep. 8th, 2009



Magic: The Gathering - Zendikar thoughts

Anyway, I was on the Magic: The Gathering site tonight, and I was looking at the new set that was coming out, Zendikar.  After looking at a spoiler of some of new cards, I am concerned.  Most of the cards look far too powerful in my opinion, like Planswalker Nissa Revane.  That card alone will make elves far more deadly that ever and make it almost impossible to beat them, like I wasn't haven't enought trouble fighting them anyway!  The new set's key ability, Landfall, seems interesting, but I also see FAR too many ways to abuse it.

The only thing that looks good about the new set is that they FINALLY listen to the fans and have changed the lands to look like the Unglued/Unhinged lands that everybody loves so much.  They all look beautiful, by the way.

To be honest, though.  I have said similar things about the Alara set, especially about the Exalted ability sucking.  That ability is now one of my favories and I use it well.  I think my exatled ability decks (I have 3 so far and working on a 4th, ha ha ha) have only lost about once or twice all together.

So, that aside, I am going to give the set the beneift of the doubt and save final judgements for when I finally get to playtest it when it comes out.


Take a look and tell me what you think if you play Magic.

Sep. 1st, 2009

Mario beats Bowser... again!


Free Game Spotlight - Pandemic II

Let's get some people sick!

Site - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/448950

Until the next spotlight shines, enjoy some free fun!

Aug. 2nd, 2009

No glasses


Prototype: Reviewed


Prototype is a game about a man named Alex Mercer. Alex worked in a gentics lab in Manhattan. Something happened to Alex, and he doesn't remember what it was. Now he has several abilities, amoung them are super human strength and speed, and he can jump farther than the average human. He can also absorb a person into himself so that he can view the memories of the person he absorbed. On top of that, he has become a shapeshifter. He can change the shape of his whole body to take on the appearance of another, or he can change the shape of specific parts of his body to make weapons, and armor for himself. Alex must use these abilities to defend himself against a military presence that has taken over Manhattan, while trying to figure out the source of a viral epidemic that theatens to wipe out all of Manhattan island.

Now that you have the basics lets break this one down, and examine what it has.

Looking much like a twisted Altair, Alex sports a hooded ensamble that is apparently apart of what he has become.

Story 7/10

Prototpy has a good story at the beginging that will keep your attention until the end of the game, but the ending really kind of felt rushed and you could predict the end from a specific point. The major chunks are delivered through the game's main missions, but the little pieces that make you go "oooh..." Are delivered by absorbing people that are connected to the Web of intrigue. These people tend to have an icon and appear through out the game in random places. Some times they appear at the most in oppurtune time, and die before you can get their info, but no worries, they'll pop up again. There is a good use of consume ability (which is the one used to absorb people) in the store.

The down side here is that you get to a specific point at the end of the game and you just know what is going to happen, and then it does happen, only it's rushed. I was quite dissppointed to get through this game, to be rewared with what I saw.

One of Alex's specials that seems to take way to long to unleash.

Game Play 1/10

At the very beginning, you get a chance to use all the abilities the game has to offer. By abilities I mean all the weapons Alex can form his hands into. It's easy to waylay pretty much everything that gets in your way. That is the only time waylaying is that easy in the game. Then fighting gets harder and harder as the game progresses. You may say, "Well isn't it supposed to get harder?" The thing is it starts off pretty difficult from that moment that you begin with the limitied abilites. When you get all the abilities back that you had in teh beginning, the fighting is not as easy as it was then. To me, that is giving the player a false promise that if you earn all these abilities, then the fighting will be this easy.

The targeting systme in the game is a joke. The conneted it to the right analog stick, which also controls your view point. What this means is that if you are like me, and you like to keep what you are fighting in the screen, it's just not going to happen. You end up going to shift the view point following an enemy that has moved so fast the camera cannot keep up with him only to have the targeting system pick up an army man with a machine gun. Let me just say that the Army guy's threat level is about two steps higher than the pedestrians that run away from you. and if you are trying to fight in a chopper, just jump out and throw cars at then choppers. It'll be much easier.

I have never been this frustrated trying to beat a game before. So, what is it that is keeping me from giving this section of the game a 0 out of ten? The brutality thjat you can deliver to a crowd. With just about any shapeshifted weapon you can profuce, most of your enemies will end up on the ground in pieces. I also kind of enjoying jumping from the top of a skyscraper to land in the middle of a large group of cars, just so that they would get thrown from my impact point. Aside from that, the game play....I think you get the point.

The military eventually patrol the skies regularly.

Graphics 8/10

Most of the game looks great. You can tell that what everything is supposed to be, which is pretty amazing considering the amount of body parts that can end up scattered all over the ground at the end of a fight. There are a couple of snags here and there. The largest one for me was the cars. While they looked like cars, I could even pick out what was supposed to be a Dodge Caravan, there was just something about them that didn't feel right. Also the people in the cars didn't move. You could pick up a car and throw it, but never in the entire game, does a person get launched out of a car. You can also slam a car around, and the person doesn't shift in their seat.

There are also a couple of cut scenes that show a specfic angle of Alex from the point of view of the person that he is talking to. In these instances, you can still see parts of the person Alex is talking to when you really shouldn't. Disembodied and inside out noses, and floating eye glasses are not something that I should see in my PS3 games.

Another end all small guys moved that takes a touch to long to use.

Sound 8/10

Everything sounds great. Explosions sound like explosions, gunfire sounds like gunfire, and so on. There are a few unexplained sounds that occur. One seems directly connected to Alex. I have heard it jumping from rooftop to rooftop, consuming a person, taking a hit from an enemy, and delivering a hit to an enemy. And, it's not limited to one location. I have experienced this sound all throughout the city.

Yeah that is a lot of pedestrians down there. No, the game does not slow because of all those people.

Overall 6/10

Prototype has a story that becomes predictable towards the end. And no, I am not talking about all the ideas adding up at a specific point. There is a twist or two they try to throw in, but those twists fail. The game play gets frustrating, because of the insane difficulty of the bosses, with moves that stun you long enough for them to hit you again, and other moves that wipe you out in one hit. And the targeting system is just plain crap. Graphics have a few snags, but are generally good, and teh same can be said of the sound.

The game play is frustrating enough that I am taking this game to Game Stop, and trust me I hate to spend $60 on a game to take it in for $23, but that is how irritated I am with that game.

Prototype's Website:

Jul. 12th, 2009

My Escape


GhostBusters: The Video Game A Review

Anyone that has liced through the 80s knows who the Ghostbusters are. The Ghostbuster's theme song was pounded into your ehad from 1984 to 1989.The phrase "Who ya gonna call?" became a house hold phrase. And everyone knew that crossing the streams is bad. 25 years after the original movie's release, comes Ghostbusters: the Video Game. Like any game based on a movie, its success can go one of two ways, it can recieve massive success, or it will be considered a bomb.

This game has a little more riding on it then most of the movie based games on the market. It has 25 year old cult following with a lot of expectations to live up to, and it has to reach out to a new generation in order to maximize success. Beyond the cut, I will break down the game into several parts story, gameplay, sounds, graphics, and multiplayer. I will then provide an over all impression of the game, ranking each aspect on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being absolute crap and 10 being awesome.

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Jun. 6th, 2009

My Escape


The Next Games that I will Own: Part 2

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My Escape


The Next to Games That I Will Own: Part 1

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Jun. 3rd, 2009

Mario beats Bowser... again!


Free Game Spotlight - Epsilon Strain

It's time to do some zombie cleaning!

Site - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/492405

Until the next spotlight shines, enjoy some free fun!

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